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Concerning the Cube Farm

Since my supervisor is quitting, I had a meeting with my supervisor’s boss and found out that they don’t want to promote me like I was worried they might. I know it’s not a common thing to not to want to move up the food chain, but I made it abundantly clear when I was hired that I wanted to stay on the bottom rung of corporate existence because I have a second and much more important life outside of my cubicle and I could be leaving for it at any moment.

Some people I told this to wondered why I wasn’t offended that I wasn’t next in line for the job, but I’m not surprised; I’m not exactly the most enthusiastic employee. I walk around the office with hunched shoulders, rolling my eyes, and sighing heavily. I certainly wouldn’t promote me. And I’m not upset about it, in fact I’m extremely relieved. The thought of having to explain for the twenty-fifth time that I’m trying to one day support myself by my writing alone isn’t appealing. I don’t expect anyone to “get it” even though some people I work with do understand, and bless their hearts for realizing that not everyone is out there working toward owning an SUV or a new townhouse.
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